Blue World [DVD] [2008]

Blue WorldFrom Killer Whales to Dolphins this epic series is a must have for any natural history enthusiast.


The Scuba Snobs’ Guide to Diving Etiquette

The Scuba Snobs Guide to Diving EtiquetteIts filled with humorous to hilarious stories illustrating the need for “rules” of etiquette for scuba divers.


Scuba Diving Safety [Paperback]

Scuba Diving Safety [Paperback]With self-rescues, buddy rescues, open-water resuscitation, and towing techniques, Scuba Diving Safety will become your most valuable diving companion.


Breatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing [Perfect Paperback]

Breatheology: The Art of Conscious BreathingIt teaches how to become aware of your breathing and how to train it.


The Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales – Volume Two [Paperback]

The Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales - Volume TwoThe publisher claims “Everything you need to know to make your diving in North Wales enjoyable and safe.” and if what is claimed on their website is true, this book will do just that.


Diving Books and Diving Videos

Bringing together the best diving books, diving DVDs and Blu-ray discs (and now Kindle books) all in one place. We've scoured Amazon and found all the diving related books they appear to have. And we've found some fantastic scuba diving books, adventure stories, tec diving books, dive site guides, wreck diving books, free diving books, 'how-to' scuba guides, underwater photography manuals as well as great books featuring the works of the world's top underwater photographers. Those who love the natural world are well catered for with fish identification books and books about various coral reefs. Red Sea divers have their own special section featuring site guides and wreck guides. All backed up by Amazon's famous ordering service.

When initially listed all the books were available from the suppliers, however we cannot be held responsible for diving publications that are no longer available or are temporarily unavailable. Orders are placed through Amazon and their partners. Please do not contact us regarding you order, as we are not responsible for dispatch. We can however remove books from our listing if you are not happy with the service provided by the supplier or the book no longer available.


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