Discover The Blue – Tropical Marine Life [DVD]

Video Description

This DVD contains more than 35 scientifically researched and professionally filmed short documentaries exploring over 60 families of tropical marine inhabitants in their natural environment. With a well-chosen music score and a running time of 2 hours you will find yourself discovering facts you never even considered asking – like: – When do Tuna sleep? – Which organ does an Octopus taste with? – Who can punch a hole in thick aquarium glass? – Which marine creature makes the fastest movement? – How much sand does a Parrot fish produce? – Which fish can breathe on land? – When does an Anemone fish change its sex? and many more…!

Given the clearly arranged menu DISCOVER THE BLUE – TROPICAL MARINE LIFE is the first truly interactive Film-Encyclopaedia of its kind and is rapidly gaining a noteworthy, worldwide reputation amongst divers and aquarists alike.

Special Features

Two Hours Running Time Ideal for Divers and Aquarists Three Audio tracks: 1 – English, 2 – German, 3 – Only Music Straightforward, Interactive Menu Interview with the Filmmakers Trailer: DISCOVER THE BLUE – DANGEROUS MARINE LIFE


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