Dive Scapa Flow [Hardcover]

The all time classic Scapa Flow dive guide. Rod Macdonald has been diving Scapa Flow for years and the love of the Flow at its wrecks come over in his descriptions. The first edition was published in 1990 and since then this book in its numerous versions has been the bible of diving the wrecks in and out of the Flow and a copy can usually be found on most of the dive charter boats. As the wrecks have deteriorated over the years, guide books become out-dated through no fault of the author and this book was no exception. This latest edition has been updated and includes new content.

Product Description

Dive Scapa Flow is a comprehensive and practical guide to the spectacular and famous Orkney wrecks – the colossal, intact remains of the scuttled German fleet, U-boats, steamers, tugs and Churchill’s extraordinary ‘Blockships’.

Since this book was first published, there have been huge advances in diving technique and with the new wave of ‘technical diving’, wrecks previously beyond the realm of the air diver can now be reached. This updated and revised edition incorporates these, particularly HMS Hampshire, which took Lord Kitchener to his doom in 1916. Rod Macdonald’s intimate knowledge of the dives is supplemented by up-to-date information on characters, travel and accommodation in the area.

An essential companion for discovering the underwater secrets and intriguing naval history of Britain’s most popular dive site, Dive Scapa Flow comes complete with illustrations, photographs and charts.


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