Off the Wall-Dive Tales: A Wall Is What Scuba Divers Dive On, and the Humor Is a Little Off the Wall [Hardcover]

Hilariously entertaining, interspersed with generous helpings of geography, history, anthropology and culture, this book takes us through an adventurous couple’s series of exciting journeys. Sue Webb shares how, strictly from loving sportsmanship, she first launches into vigorous training as one of a handful of cold water female divers. Her next twenty years bring her and spouse, Russ, to exotic lands resplendent with unforgettable beauty, endearing inhabitants, and customs. Her indomitable good nature regularly turns what others may consider major setbacks, into routine triumphs. Even mishaps such as apologetic air carriers’ misdirecting them to planes headed for unintended destinations become events laden with unexpected rewards. Her love of living things-mankind, nature and animals-shines throughout these pages, etching her diving experiences deeper into her readers’ hearts. By the time they’ve completed reading, laughing and learning, they’ll feel as though Sue Webb has been their travel companion, and buddy for years.


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