Scuba Diving Safety [Paperback]


“This clear and concise reference is the most up-to-date source of information on the market. No diver should leave home without a copy of Scuba Diving Safety in their dive bag.” –Alex Brylske, Senior Editor, Dive Training Magazine

Product Description

The beautiful locales, exotic plant and sea life, and relaxing environs of dive locations are even more peaceful when you are armed with the expertise and skill to stay safe in any situation. With self-rescues, buddy rescues, open-water resuscitation, and towing techniques, Scuba Diving Safety will become your most valuable diving companion. Covering a full range of underwater environments, as well as dangerous marine life, entanglements and equipment failures, this vital resource is an essential reference for every underwater enthusiast. Do not rely on someone else or chance to keep you safe. Let Scuba Diving Safety help you prepare for the unexpected and provide the confidence to enjoy your underwater adventures to the fullest.


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